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Michal „Mike“ Böhm

Photographer and video-maker

Although born in Prague, I don’t consider myself a city-person. I grew up at summer camps, I am a lover of hikes, woods, and mountains. When I drive through the Czech countryside to a distant wedding venue, I’m often in awe. What a beauty! I also like to look around and admire distant corners of the world – when traveling. I love to do that too, very much.

But I don’t just observe the scenery around; I’m also interested in all the people of the world. I enjoy capturing them and their emotions with my camera, in portraits and candid moments. I can always find something interesting and inspirational everywhere. That’s because I believe that “beauty is where you find it”.

I look forward to meet you over a cup of coffee, to get to know you. I would love to learn something about the two of you – what is the story of your relationship, what are the things you like, what brings you joy. Once we get to know each other, it will be much easier for us to create a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere on the wedding day. And I will create something beautiful for you – something you will fondly return to for the rest of your life.

My most favourite

I will record a story of your wedding day, made of the most beautiful
momentsand I will also make photos of the little things and details, that may otherwise be forgotten.


I just have to recommend Michal. He has a very human approach. He immortalized us with beautiful memories from the wedding. He can capture great moments. And even a person who doesn't like to take pictures will enjoy taking photos with Michal, and in the end enjoys it.

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